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At Business Electricity Rates we specialise in finding the perfect tariff for your commercial premises so there's no need to waste time negotiating contracts yourself. You can get online business electricity quotes today from all the major providers in just a couple of minutes.

This process could save your company thousands of pounds per year in energy costs.

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Get online quotes now by comparing prices from all companies including:

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Specialist energy brokers also offer professional procurement services at no charge to your organisation. They receive commissions directly from the energy suppliers to cover their costs. offers all organisation with a commercial building supply the opportunity to utilise these tendering services.

Information on Switching Contracts and Average Bills

All commercial properties, whether it be a factory or a shop, have fixed term and fixed priced contracts. These agreements usually last for one year. Since wholesale market prices increased, the suppliers started offering longer term contracts to fix rates for up to three years.

Electricity Rollover Contracts

If you don't renegotiate your deal, then you'll be placed on a rollover contract. This system means your rates are renewed for one more year automatically, many times at higher prices, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Average Business Electricity Bills

Switching Suppliers

When it comes to switching to a new provider, you need to terminate your contract effectively. This changeover may require providing a cancellation notice three months before the fixed termination clause.

You should look carefully at the terms and conditions to see when you can change providers to reduce your costs.

All the major energy companies want you to switch to them to increase their market share. You'll receive the best deals by switching as a new customer.

If your energy contract is up for renewal, then it's easy to get an online quote.

There are six main energy providers in the UK for commercial electricity and gas. You're able to obtain competitive quotes by simply going to each supplier's website in turn and entering your supply details.

If you don't want to do this, you can use a professional broker service who'll procure the process on your behalf. They'll also complete the paperwork and monitor the switching process.

Your Choice of Competitive Suppliers

There are six main companies that supply gas and electricity to businesses in the UK. These include small and micro business premises as well as large corporations. The companies you can choose from include all the main household names with some new independent market entrants. These include British Gas, Npower, E.ON Energy, EDF Energy, SSE, SWALEC for Welsh based businesses, and Opus Energy.

You can get online quotes specific to your building premises directly from their websites, or as mentioned above, use a broker service to do everything for you. Here's more information and reviews on the providers you can choose from:

Green Tariff Options

Apart from simply buying energy for the lowest price, you can also purchase pure green energy from renewable sources. Current products are competitive and usually no more expensive than standard tariffs.

If your business follows green credentials, then see what these tariffs can offer you and save CO2 emissions in the process. Unfortunately, there's now no exemption from the Carbon Change Levy.

Additional Help and Advice

Follow the Ovo Energy wholesale electricity prices they regularly update on their website. This data shows how your tariffs may change over time. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) publish average prices for commercial properties on the GOV.UK Website so you can check if you're paying too much.

Estimated kWh Pricing for Small Businesses

Most tariffs have a monthly or daily standing charge plus a per kWh usage figure. Here are some examples:

  • Cheapest prices available = 7.9p per kWh
  • Highest noted = 32p per kWh
  • Average = 25p daily standing charge and 14p per kWh

Prices vary across the different regions of the country so you may not get the same tariffs as someone you know out of your area.