Compare Business Electricity Options from E.ON

E.ON logoFormally known as PowerGen, E.ON is part of the largest global energy company based in Germany. In the UK, the commercial division generates more revenues than from their domestic business.

The company has an active broker channel formed via Third Party Intermediary relationships across the UK.

Tariff Options

There are two types of available products for commercial customers targeted towards different consumption levels.

Smaller Energy Users

The majority of companies using less than 1GWh of electricity or 1.5GWh of gas should consider one of the fixed priced plans. These products have one or two year terms with rates fixed for the duration of the contract. Medium-sized companies with max-demand electricity meters can extend the term to three years.

All companies can take advantage of various prompt payment discounts. These range from 4% when paying monthly by direct debit to 2% for paying within 14 days.

You can obtain an online quote using the E.ON website. Your results only provide a direct quote with this company rather than comparing the whole market.

E.ON electricity quote example page
The quote form page.

Larger Energy Users

Those companies using more than 1GW of electricity per year have several solutions available.

  1. A fixed term priced contract of up to five years.
  2. A multipurchase plan that procures energy from the wholesale market at your request.
  3. Flexible purchasing using a combination of fixed and wholesale prices.

E.ON provides direct access to live market data to help manage your procurement systems.

Online Account Management

Your online account helps you keep up to date with your bills, payments and energy consumption. You can access the account manager online or via an app for your smartphone.

These free services assist in ensuring that no unexpected charges appear and help with energy efficiency in your organisation.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Each account also provides access to essential advice on reducing consumption via an energy tookkit.

You'll receive tailored advice to reduce your energy consumption costs across all your sites. Non half hourly metered customers can also apply for a new smart meter then introduce monitoring systems to help reduce costs.