Eon Energy Business Tariffs

Eon energy can supply business users with electricity and gas supplies on fixed term and fixed rate contracts. Previously known as powergen it is part of the world's largest investor owner energy company. You are able to access their "direct" tariff from their website to get online quotes. These prices are often cheaper than you can obtain from brokers.

Business Electricity Prices and Tariffs from Eon

You can choose a one year or three year fixed priced electricity and gas contract from Eon energy with the prices guaranteed until the end of your contract terms. You'll get an additional discount if you pay by fixed monthly direct debit as well. You can get an instant online quote via Eon's website to see how their prices compare with your current energy supplier. There are currently know guarantees to beat their competitor's pricing structure but Eon should be one of the energy suppliers you get a quote from just to compare their prices against the other big 6 providers such as British Gas.

Getting a Quote and Switching

To get a quote from Eon is really easy. You can choose to use their website or give their account management specialists a call who can help your through the entire process. If you decide to get an online quote all you need is your postcode (and from this you will select your address details) then key in your electricity meter number (beginning with an "S" which is also known as a MPAN number) and your gas meter number also known as a MPR number. To help get an accurate quote you're also asked to enter any consumption data you may have. You don't even need to enter your email address to receive a quotation.

If you are happy with the rates provided then switching is really easy. Eon energy will prepare and process all your paperwork on your behalf and ensure the switch over to them is fast and easy. Just remember to take meter readings on the day of the switching so that your invoices from your current supplier and Eon are totally accurate from the day you move companies.

Saving Energy Consumption with Eon

One of the elements to running a business apart from getting the cheapest rates per kWh used is to attempt to actually reduce the usage and consumption of gas and electricity at all the premises and offices you own.

Eon provide loads of advice on their website and via their account team that is aimed at reducing your energy consumption by at least 10% per year and perhaps even as high as 20% per year. They also offer an advance analytics service where the data sent from your half hourly meter is fed into a software service called edata where you can view and analyse the consumption hour by hour by day so you can see for example if your usage is high during the night time period when perhaps your offices are actually closed and no one is working. Access to this essential data could save your business a lot of money just by knowing how much energy you are using at any one time.

The cheapest business electricity rates for Eon business customers can be got through their website quotation service and if you pay by fixed monthly direct debit then the savings can be even greater. Check out the Eon business website or speak to a specialist broker who can do all of this for you.